Saturday, 16 November 2013

Exclusive Interview With Elision

Elision is a 4 piece Alternative Rock Band from Kashmir playing at The Great Hornbill International Rock Contest....
Amazingly the first Kashmir band playing at the Contest..
Hear What they say!!!!
Massive Metal India- We would love to take you back to when you started as a band. For those who don’t know, Elision , How did it come together? What is that made you decide on the name of Elision and what story does it have behind them? Who are your members and what role do they have in the band?

Let’s first talk about our band name first i.e. ELISION. Elision is basically “the omission of a sound or syllable when speaking”. ;It first came to our lead guitarist and vocalist (Faizan). He discussed the name with the band and we liked it. So from there Elision came into existence in 2011.The band members are in there school life and some in their college life. So basically we can call it a random solution but one thing is common i.e. the taste for rock music. So further discussing the role of each band member . We have four band members :-

1. Faizan Showkat :- Lead guitarist and vocals.
2. Adil Hamid :- Drummer.
3. Hanan Mir :- Guitarist.
4. Ubair Showkat :- Bassist and vocals.

MMI- We have 28 bands on list and the country witnesses’ bands coming up every year. What sets you apart and makes you different? Who are your favourite bands and influences? And why?
Basically nothing is different between any other band competing because we all are here for good and live music .The only thing that takes apart from other bands is the genre we are in i.e. punk rock, rock, ballad rock. The favourite bands are :- Green day and Slash. Speaking of green day we think that there music is what we should really call punk rock and about Slash, he has got a unique skill to get feel in his music.

A lot of people as a band focus on subjects like social and political aspect. But what subject apart from the ones mentioned above do you have a keen interest in? What current messages do you convey which is important for the youth of today?
Yes, the main thing is to make your music good so that youth should come and listen. Let’s just say to them don’t get into political matters but just higher your social skills which are useful these days.

MMI- If someone is interested in your music, what would you tell them to expect from your music? What are your favourite track you guys have recorded and Why?
If someone likes our music we would tell them to higher there expectations more and we are there to fulfil them . The favourite we have recorded is KYA KAROON. It’s a message to the unemployed youth to stand up on there legs and fight for your survival.

MMI- As India is concerned in music industry, financial situations are hard for a band and it seems people give up on the search for their Dream. What do you think the Dream for your band is and are you searching for it?
Well we will say that if you got a dream you got to make it in reality. Else one should stop watching dreams. For us being taken away from music is like taking a fish away from water. The dreams of our band is to make people listen our music and we will be always searching for it .

MMI- Maybe this is your first time playing at HIRC, well If you had to name one of your favourite things that made you guys decide to register and play for the contest, what would it be and why?
Yes, definitely one thing is there and that is the wide spread hornbill festival which is not nationally recognised but also internationally and that’s a thumbs up.

MMI- What do you feel has been the defining moment about Your Band?
It’s Live the movement and just rock n roll.

MMI- Which shows, gigs or concerts have been a turning point for you as a band? Tell us a stage where you had the most fun and the worst too?
As long as we remember the concert which was both fun and turning point for our band was at the KASHMIR UNIVERSITY where the crowd was awesome and crazy. The worst was when due to some ill weather we had to stop our show in middle and it was heart breaking.

MMI- There are so many bands and young musicians today and the completion gets more and more every year. What advice do you have for musicians who want to make music their full time career?
We are seeing musicians coming who are really talented and really will do something extraordinary. The only advise we will give them is to keep on the good work going.

MMI- We are seeing musicians coming who are really talented and Thank you so much for giving Massive Metal India this interview, is there anything you would like to add?
I believe there is, We are thankful to Massive Metal India to know about more about ELISION. ROCK N ROLL ....... cheers


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